24.December – Merry Christmas!

I wish a happy and peaceful Christmas to all of you, wether you do it anal, vaginal, nothing at all or in some other way 😀 Hope you get to spend some time with your loved ones, may that be family, friends, your cat or just yourself 🙂


I enjoyed doing this experiment. I knew I would have problems keeping up regularity with posting, and I wasn`t able to complete it – but at least it was more due to “shit I´m dying” sickness than to lazyness. It was interesting what happened when I forced myself to draw and I´m happy I have a few good pictures now.


Hey Guys. Here you can see a compilation of my activities this week so far. As you can see, it wasn`t a fun week and there was just too much of everything going on that kept me from drawing. Are you ready for christmas yet? Just one more night 😀scan0021